Lightning Returns And 5 Other Awesome Final Fantasy Costume Swaps

Lightning Returns And 5 Other Awesome Final Fantasy Costume Swaps

The fan service teat is apparently not dry just yet. As a pre-order bonus, gamers who put down some early money for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the second sequel to the polarizing core entry in Square Enix’s flagship series, get a special treat: Lightning will be able to wear the SOLDIER uniform of Cloud from Final Fantasy VII.

Trolling out of the way, it is a neat idea to see one of the most recognizable characters in the Final Fantasy universe being given some recognition. It did slightly remind me of all the costume swapping in Final Fantasy X-2 where you could dress Yuna, Rikku and Paine however you wanted, provided you knew what the hell you were doing in the middle of battle. Thanks to the wonders of fan fiction, we can explore what other characters would look like in other outfits.

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Aerith as Yuna…and vice versa

Here, we see Aerith-shu taking something that has been pointed out by many a fanfic writer…-shudder-…and expanding. Yuna and Aerith share spiritual connections with their home planets. They have modest figures, focused on innocent faces while shying away from huge breasts and full hips. Why wouldn’t Cloud and Tidus fall for the other by mistake?

If Square Enix were really smart and program-savvy enough, they would figure out a way to fit Aerith’s outfit into the HD remake of Final Fantasy X & X-2. Let the swingers parties in Midgar and Zanarkand commence!

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Fran as Lulu

It seems Chaosnet1701 and I think alike. I don’t think Final Fantasy XII gets the love it should from fans, likely because it came at the rapidly approaching end of the PlayStation 2’s life. That didn’t stop me from falling for the lovely Fran, the viera and sky pirate who accompanies Baltheir on his ship.

Obviously, some liberties are taken with Fran’s measurements in this voluptuous illustration. Who gives a fuck? Tits the size of honeydews are required to fit into anything Lulu would wear, and artists are free to take liberties. Who are we to criticize?

Also, that Final Fantasy XII HD remake better happen. I fucking mean it, Square Enix.

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Rikku as everyone

YunaSakura took the concept of recreating all of the Final Fantasy ladies as Sailor Moon characters a step further in this illustration. Rikku has been given her FFX figure, sprinkled with a bit of Garnet/Dagger’s white mage disguise in FFIX, what looks to be Eiko’s cat ears from the same game…honestly, your interpretation of this would do just as well.

This is as close as you can get to Final Fantasy costumes from the older consoles, unless you want to see incredibly stretched sprites and pixels. On second thought, that would probably sell a shitload. You’re welcome, Square Enix.

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Rinoa as Edea/Ultimecia/A Sorceress That Will Fuck You Up

AndsportsART highlights a merging of several lovely ladies from Final Fantasy VIII, a game with impossible expectations. Gone was the steampunk ecoterrorism that resonated with an entirely new generation of PlayStation gamers, replaced with a private boarding school and military occupants.

The big twist in the game involving the characters is something of a copout according to message board members now well into their thirties, but that doesn’t stop great artists from mashing up Rinoa and at least two of the other witches in FFVIII into this rendition of a witch that even Season 6 Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer would have a tough time fighting.

Maybe I should rethink that message board comment after writing that.

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Vanille and Fang as…fuck it, I just like this drawing

Yeah, I’m out of ideas, but Jesus fucking Christ, J-Estacado knocked this one out of the park. If only this were a real comic!

– Anystrom0

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