Lexxx – My Life As An Erotic Roleplayer

Lexxx - My Life As An Erotic Roleplayer

If you are coming to this site, chances are that you’re (at the very least) fantasizing about a video game character – the way she (or he) moves. What they would be like in romantic situations…In bed even. This whole site is dedicated to porn for gamers – all of us have thought about it.

Then there are those of us who take it to a whole other level. Some of us engage in role playing games (Acting out scenes either in text on IRC, or in an MMORPG format. Some of us even create our own worlds, combining characters from multiple games and seeing what would happen), Erotic Role Play, or simply ERP is a huge part of gaming culture and it is the focus of today’s “Gamergasm.” So sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy your reading experience.

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My Life As An Erotic Roleplayer

My first dip into Erotic Roleplay was in a little game called World of Warcraft. It was back in the days of Vanilla – when the level cap was still 60 – you didn’t get your mount until level 40. You walked everywhere, there were no heirlooms, and leveling was hard. During that time in my gaming career I was a bit nuts on it. I was in a progression raiding guild – we were server firsts in Molten Core, Blackwing Lair – We opened the gates of AQ and we actually got somewhere in Naxxx. These were very hard times. Nothing was handed to you on a silver platter (unlike it is today.) Spending $60 to automatically boost a character to 90 was unheard of. All the fights were still being mapped out and none of us knew what the hell we were doing. It. Was. Awesome.

I also held a high warlord PvP (Player vs. Player) title. This was before they fixed the PvP system. To achieve that title was obscenely hard and you lost rank if you didn’t PvP for awhile. To keep it you had to PvP almost every day and win. I was one of only three women in this guild – In Raiding, I was our Main Tank healer. In PvP – I had a giant target on my back and my job was to keep everyone alive. My main in Vanilla was a priestess. She was a troll, and she was damn hot with her voodoo magic. My alt was an undead servant of Sylvannas. She was an evil little mistress of the Arcane arts who had a twisted streak in her the size of Texas. There were no Blood Elves. No Draenei…And on the RP-PVP server I played on everywhere – especially Hillsbrad – was an open killing field.

The other part of the game for me was Role Play. World of Warcraft (I am using that as an example since it is the game I have the most experience Roleplaying in – not because it is the only one) lore is rich – it contains epic stories of battle, love, loss…countries destroyed, people displaced , and adorable pandas that wear chinese hats and balance your chi (New edition).

Roleplay in WoW for me started innocently enough. Working with a tribe of trolls, mine was a Darkspear. She was a High Priestess who practiced voodoo and she served the Loa of sex, seduction, and fertility. It was only a matter of time. I started out in RP just like any newbie does. Small phrases, responding in a terribly typed troll accent. I conceptualized her to have a head full of fire engine red dreadlocks. (This is not a drawing of my toon, but it gives a good visual)

My Life As An Erotic Roleplayer

The wonderful thing about World of Warcraft lore and role playing is that it lays a beautiful groundwork for you to create very dimensional characters that have depth and personality. And you can really be anything you WANT to be.

My characters over the years have been married. They have been single. One of them had even took a vow of celibacy only to have it broken on an altar as a sacrifice to an old god. Sometimes the sex is implied (You may not be RPing with someone over the age of 18 – or it’s a married person who doesn’t really want to get into the word smut parade). Sometimes, it is very much detailed. Very delicious…and can be some of the best character development you will get. Doing things you always fantasized about doing but never would in real life.

My Life As An Erotic Roleplayer

RP is a funny thing. You create these characters. You write for them…They become a part of you. You spend enough time in their heads and you get more bold. It is escapism at its finest. And you can literally do anything you want…The sky (And your vocabulary) are the limits!

You could be the cute, virginal little night elf…having her first taste of bliss (And really..Who doesn’t love corrupting a bit of innocence)

My Life As An Erotic Roleplayer

A draenei…from a strange world, finding pleasure in an unexpected place…from a lovely female companion.

My Life As An Erotic Roleplayer

A tiny little Quel’Dorei getting filled to the most unbelievable depths by a Draenei three times your size…

My Life As An Erotic Roleplayer

We all come to this place to indulge in our escapist fantasies; to see things that we normally wouldn’t; escape into places we normally wouldn’t; fantasize about the kind of sex we have always wanted but…aren’t.

Have you ever engaged in Erotic Role Play? If so…What was it? What do you like to think about? Is it usually solo? Or do you have partners?

I’d love to hear and answer your comments!

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16 Responses to “Lexxx – My Life As An Erotic Roleplayer”

  1. PLAD says:

    Love this Lexxx! Another insightful look into the world of the gamer. I’ve done it, loved it, and it’s actually worked a lot of content into my RP stories (that’s non-smut based, believe it or not).

  2. Scond says:

    ERP hasent arrived much in my wow days, here and there but mostly in whispers, cuz no one else wants to read 2 (or more) gettin it on..well almost no one…. For those just getting into it, id say of corse make sure the person is cool with it, if they say no, leave it be. Ive been privately erping with girlfriends, it helps alot in long distance relationships. I liked reading this, erp is fun, just be sure to be safe and respectful!

  3. Lexxx says:

    As always Scond – yes. Rules of sex apply. If someone says no – it means no. If someone is uncomfortable – it stops.

    I have found that in the context of a relationship ERP actually really does a lot to spice things up and enhance the relationship – especially when you can’t readily touch each other. It gives a creative outlet to learn each others kinks and pleasure areas.

    Bottom line – its fun, its the safest sex you can have and it can be damn hot when you get into it.

  4. Scond says:

    indeed, it can also allow for more..violent sex fantisys where you mmight not have the rl constitution for rough sex. remember folks, with words, all thigns are possible. includeing being a giant orc with a massive cock, give one a sence of power. S&M is a popular erp theme, like a male grunt beign invited into his female officers room, and she lets him be in control. possiblitys are truely endless.

  5. Lexxx says:

    @PLAD ~ It’s funny you should mention that because it has actually really helped my plots that are NOT sex based. It can be REALLY bonding for characters and it can make a relationship seem more dimensional and believable as far as a bond goes.

    @Scond ~ I really love all the possibilities that one can explore. All of them.

  6. glcorp says:

    Love it Lexxx, I have used ERP many a time to explore various fantasies that existed in my head. It is such a funny thing because you get to be dirty and creative at the same time.

  7. Lexxx says:

    @glorp ~ But…being creative and dirty at the same time is really what its all about isn’t it? Pushing the boundaries? Escaping the constraints of day to day?

  8. glcorp says:

    agreed and it is what i love about it

  9. Mechos says:

    An excellent write up on the wild world of ERP! Certainly, the way you’ve phrased it and placed it not simply as a bit of escapist fantasy but as a full on element of writing, fits perfectly. Well done, and looking forward to more!

  10. DevilSugar says:

    Ah, the early days when we’ve just discovered the internet and role-playing in general, and then immediately discover the deviancy that lies behind it. I remember some of the old forums I used to play in, and the many boundaries I pushed and things I discovered. The idealized self, finding my own comfort zone with bondage, and even gender identity were all perfectly explorable and harmless between consenting horny late teens and early twenty-somethings. Leading, being led, shamelessly flirting, giving in to the chase… all as a motherfucking half-dragon if you wanted. It’s the best place to answer all the weird questions we have about ourselves.

  11. JimmyBones says:

    Well Lexxx I started WoW on a RP server. I believe it was Silvermoon. It is where I learned a very, very, VERY strong lesson. MMORPG does not always stand for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, but Mostly Men Online Role Playing Girls! ^__-
    With the Joking aside I use to love to find areas that you should not be able to get to. Thats where we would roleplay. If you where to head up to the Scarlet Monastery, then go to the beach behind it. Head to the right in the water and swim the wall. You would find a area that was just big enough to have a 100 toons plus dance around “back in the day with the nude mods”. It had a half Nightelf Tower, and a pier that you did not want to jump to far off of “If you did. You hit Fatigue instantly”.
    I miss those days of exploration in that game.

    I just found something AWESOME!


    Sad thing is. You cant go there anymore. They took it out. But this should show what it use to look like. ^__^

  12. Lexxx says:

    @Mechos – ERP has been one of the BIGGEST Catalysts for improving my descriptive writing. It has made me fall in love with the written word all over again.

    @DevilSugar – That is exactly why I think it is one of the things that should be encouraged. It has helped me tease out…in a relatively safe way – so much about my own sexuality. I think that it would be awesome if it became less taboo and I believe that it is a pretty healthy and fun way to explore things – half dragon and all.

    @JimmyBones – Honey – those were indeed the good old days. My guild is NOT an ERP guild – it is just something I do personally because I’m a bit of a libertine and I enjoy pushing my own limits. If you ever feel like getting back into wow and engaging in some actual fantastic RP (Most of it is NOT erp – just really good stories with a bunch of creative people) hit me up!

  13. JimmyBones says:


    I think I found your email. Email sent.

  14. Lexxx says:

    @JimmyBones ~ My Email is not exactly secret. I have one for people who follow my various internetz endeavours.

  15. Esso says:

    I loved this article. Reminded me of my life many years ago. I can say my first real love was thanks to an MMORP and our likeminded woman who enjoyed to be honest with me while we played, raided, explored together. I left my country for a girl i had never met in my life, planned to visit for 2 weeks, but instead stayed for 2 years. My first true love, thanks to a silly little game called Kal Online. Before i moved in with her, we would talk on teamspeak through the nights, playing out scenarios with our characters. It came to a point where if we didnt really feel like playing, we would still log on and she would sit in my lap as we talked. We felt like close friends and that we could confide in each other without limits, because you know, its not like we are going to meet, right? 🙂 Kinda funny when you look back.
    Thanks to a very special woman in my life, her imagination and love finding its way to each and every one of us.

  16. Lexxx says:

    @Esso ~ Thank you SO MUCH for sharing that with us…I LOVE stories like that. Seriously – That is amazing.