Kratos goes balls deep in a goddess

God of War 3 sex mini-game

God of War just wouldn’t be the same without gallons of blood, nudity and a sex mini-game. Luckily the developers know this and have kept the tradition alive in God of War 3. This time Kratos shows a goddess how us mortals do the nasty. ESRB description of the mini-game after the jump.

Of course God of War 3 is going to feature a shit-ton of violence and god killing but thanks to the ESRB’s description of the sex mini-game we now have an idea of who Kratos will be fucking.

ESRB – Players will encounter a goddess and her two hand maidens, all topless, all holding and caressing each other. If players wish to, they may join the goddess (and only the goddess) in bed. Actual sex is never depicted as the camera drifts, then fixes on the two maidens, who watch from a distance. As players respond to the on-screen prompts with button presses, the topless maidens will continue to watch, and sometimes caress. Moaning sounds from the bed can be heard throughout the sequence.

As if I needed any more reasons to be excited about God of War 3.

God of War 3 sex mini-game

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