Killer is Dead Premium Edition Coming To The US

Killer is Dead Premium Edition Coming To The US

And here I thought my budget would have a little wiggle room after August. No such luck.

With Killer is Dead dropping on the 27th, you may be hard-pressed to grab Saints Row IV on the same day, but there’s a damn good reason to do some things you’re not proud of to squeeze both of them into your collection.

For pre-ordering Killer is Dead, you’ll get the previously announced premium edition! This includes an 80-page hardcover artbook, 25 song soundtrack CD, and of course the DLC goodies you’ve read about before.

Killer is Dead looks like a return-to-form for Suda51, namely the form of his original game, Killer7. If it weren’t for the artbook, I probably wouldn’t have tried to squeeze it in, but I’m a sucker for free goodies and love Suda’s work. There there, wallet, you’ll be okay.

– Brad Cowan aka “DevilSugar”

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