Killer Is Dead Premium Edition Announced

Killer Is Dead Premium Edition Announced

Xseed and Deep Silver revealed today that Suda 51’s upcoming Killer Is Dead will be getting a premium edition.

Special editions are nothing new in the video game industry, but the weird thing is the Killer Is Dead’s premium edition will be the same price as the standard edition.

Check out all the cool stuff you get after the jump.

The only physical difference between the standard and premium editions of Killer Is Dead is that the latter comes with a reversible cover, but you get a shitton of cool (and free) DLC. Here’s the break down:

Beauty & The Beast & The Lingerie mission pack
Temptation of Miss Vampire gigolo mission
– An extra episode where Mondo is an executioner
– A “peeping” tool that helps during gigolo missions

No word yet on whether or not the premium edition will be hitting the states or if it will just be a Japanese exclusive. If it’s hitting the states then it’s no-brainer, I’ll be getting the premium edition!

Corey Stevenson aka “Geist01”

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