Killer is Dead Gameplay Footage Is Here

Killer is Dead Gameplay Footage Is Here

Suda51’s and Grasshopper Manufacture’s upcoming game, Killer is Dead, has finally shown us some real-life, honest to god, gameplay. Hooray!

In the clip, we get a closer look at the executioner/protagonist Mondo Zappa’s fight mechanics and weapons in action. The video shows him mowing down enemies with hyper-fast katana melee skills and picking off enemies from a distance with his sweet cybernetic arm gun. The fighting is a little tough to follow, but looks like it could be very fun to play. Even without understanding the Japanese dialog, it looks pretty intense to say the least.

We’ve already seen the bevy of luscious ladies that grace this hero’s journey along the way in prior released footage, but this time it’s all about the combat. My head spun watching two swords clanging together over and over again and sparking wildly in a button mashing barrage during a boss battle with Hamadayama. I heard Queen’s, Masters of the Universe in my head a little bit…of course referring to the theme song of the Highlander TV show from the early 90’s consisting of constant sword battles where the swords had to be connected to car batteries.  Alright, back on topic…

I’m more than curious about the magic tiger tattoos.  It appears Mondo gets to ride his magic tiger when in trouble early in the boss battle, and then Hamadayama can have his magic tiger floating over his head fighting along side, or over, him. One word: unique.

We also get to see Gigolo Missions in the video below featuring the Mondo Girls than seem to consist of scoping out babes for what I’m assuming is points.  What a shame that isn’t a real thing, huh?  Again, a unique idea, especially if you can receive bonuses and upgrades for it.  As if we straight men, lesbians, and bi-curious female gamers needed another reasons to stare at beautiful women…even in a cell-shaded, crazy video game world.  I look forward to taking this for a test drive when it hits store shelves for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on August 27, 2013.

– David Chaney

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