Jessica Nigri asked to leave PAX East for sexy cosplay

Jessica Nigri PAX East cosplay

This weekend at PAX East 2012, the amazing Jessica Nigri was asked to leave for being too sexy.

Well, not exactly.

Jessica was hired to cosplay as Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw, a game we’re all excited for. Apparently she wore the default cheerleader outfit all Friday without trouble but was then asked to change when she wore the pink latex outfit. She changed back to the default cheerleader outfit but was asked to change again or leave the show.

Lollipop Chainsaw Cosplay

Some say officials even asked her to wear a sweatshirt for the rest of the event, which is absurd since Juliet doesn’t have an outfit with a sweatshirt that Jessica would be able to cosplay. She eventually found an outfit that was acceptable to PAX staff but inaccurate to the game she was portraying.

Unlike most expos in the video game industry, PAX has a “no booth babe” policy. Instead of models in skimpy outfits advertising games in your face, they are required to know something about their product which is reasonable. They do give leeway to cosplayers to wear revealing outfits as long as it’s true to the source of the game, but they have a ban on anything considered partial nudity.

Lollipop Chainsaw

Unfortunately things like partial nudity and appropriate dress for a family friendly atmosphere are pretty subjective, which lead to some complaints from the show goers. Ultimately Jessica was asked to change in the best interest of the event, even though her original outfit was in fact true to the source material. Despite her new outfit not being one from the game, it’s good that she was able to stay. I guess skimpy outfits are fine but as soon as there are complaints you better cover up.

But whatever, enjoy this tasteful, family friendly cosplay of Cammy that went unnoticed from PAX East 2011.

– Sullivan O. Bradley

Cammy PAX East cosplay

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One Response to “Jessica Nigri asked to leave PAX East for sexy cosplay”

  1. Wildmatt says:

    Er… Total false claim there. That Cami was asked to cover up, as was a Poison Ivy cosplayer (according to them). We didn’t see the Cami afterwords but the Poison Ivy we saw again, and she wasn’t showing as much skin on her top half. 😛