Inside Samus Aran’s Cockpit by AAANinja

Inside Samus' Cockpit by AAANinja

Have you ever wanted to fly around the galaxy in Samus Aran’s spaceship while she rides you cowgirl style in her Zero Suit outfit? No? Really? That’s weird.

Well I have so these pics by AAANinja must be for me then. Oh, ok. Now you want to see them? Fine I’ll share them with you, but the next time someone asks you if you’re a god you say, yes!

…my brain might still be fried from New Years Eve/Day. Disregard everything I just wrote and enjoy the hentai.

Not Safe For Work ~ Hentai

– Geist01

Art by AAANinja ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt ~ Blogspot

Samus Aran Metroid Hentai

Samus Aran Metroid Hentai

Samus Aran Metroid Hentai

Samus Aran Metroid Hentai

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4 Responses to “Inside Samus Aran’s Cockpit by AAANinja”

  1. lordredek says:

    DAMMIT! You already used that joke for the Re4 Ashly pics a while back… Wait did you? Hold on I’ll check be right back.

  2. lordredek says:

    glcorp used it in a response to a comment I made about Ashley being legal or not ( I checked she is 21-22 ) and than you replied to him. So you totally stole the joke. Ah whatever I’m sure glcorp is fine with it. And yes this has been a fantasy of mine, I just didn’t realise it until now.

  3. Cetra Blues says:

    You hear that, Geist? You’re not allowed to recycle jokes! How dare you even consider such a thought!

    Haha, but really, this is an excellent feature. AAANinja really hit this one outta’ the park. You can never go wrong with Samus, especially when you’re balls deep in her ass! Mad kudos for sharing such amazing pieces.

  4. lordredek says:

    I like your attitude Cetra Blues.