Inque from Batman Beyond by Ninja Kitty

Inque from Batman Beyond by Ninja Kitty

I said this before, but I’ll say it again- I really like Inque from Batman Beyond and I wish there was more hentai based on her. Sure, there’s some out there, just not a lot. Certainly a lot less than the character deserves.

The other girl in this pic is Aurora Vondale and she belongs to Hentai Foundry user, ScarySerum (also the one who commissioned this piece from Ninja Kitty). You can read her bio after the jump if that’s something you are interested in. Also, don’t forget to swing by Hentai Foundry and check out the rest of Ninja Kitty’s portfolio. There’s some great artwork in there, as I’m sure you can tell be the pic below.

Not Safe For Work ~ Hentai

Aurora Vondale is perhaps the most prolific groupie in all existence. Little is known about Aurora’s origins but she appears to have the power to travel between parallel universes. She’s also a dedicated fan of many fictional characters. Aurora uses her ability to travel to her idols’ universes, get their autographs, and ultimately have sex with them. Multiverse law enforcement’s efforts to capture Ms. Vondale have been fruitless as she proves impossible to catch, much less contain.
– ScarySerum

– Geist01 ~ Bio

Art by Ninja Kitty ~ Hentai Foundry

Batman Beyond Hentai

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  1. DevilSugar says:

    Sweeeet, I totally love Inque as well. Nice find!