Injustice: Gods Among Us SDCC Gameplay Trailer

Injustice: Gods Among Us SDCC 2012 Gameplay Trailer

I’m going to be honest with you, I can’t tell if I’m excited about Injustice: Gods Among Us or not.

I get that NetherRealm Studios wants to do something else besides Mortal Kombat, I really do, but I can’t help but feel bummed that they aren’t doing any new DLC for the 2011 MK game.

I would truly die a happy man if the latest Mortal Kombat is the last new entry I ever play because, as a mega fan, it was damn near perfect. That being said, since we live in a day and age where DLC is the norm, the one game I actually want to have DLC doesn’t. Grrrr I want my Frost damn it!

But this article isn’t about Mortal Kombat, it’s about the new gameplay footage for Injustice: Gods Among Us shown at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. It definitely looks cool and seems to borrow heavily from last year’s Mortal Kombat (Batman using his Batmobile as an attack is reminiscent of the taxicab stage fatality from MK) so I have faith it’s going to be fun but, well, it’s not Mortal Kombat.

Check out the gameplay trailer after the jump and let me know what you think.

– Geist01

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