Hotline Miami – Old School Violence

Hotline Miami - Old School Style Violence

I think we can attribute the quality and success of NetherRealm Studios’s Mortal Kombat reboot for reminding us that excessive blood and gore has a place in gaming.

Hotline Miami by Dennaton Games looks to further reinforce that topic to the point of beating people to death with a bat.

Details about the plot of the game are virtually nonexistent, but what is known is that you kill a lot of people and the blood will fly. The game’s view and presentation resembles a throwback to the Grand Theft Auto series prior to GTA III. If you were gaming before open world 3D became the rage, you’ll feel quite at home.

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The game’s focus will be on strategy in your kills. Your character will die from the smallest amount of gunfire taken so it will be important to plan out your entire attack from the beginning. There will be power-ups in the form of unique masks that give you buffs to speed and damage in addition to being fashionable animal themed head-ware!

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Retro gameplay coupled with a high level of difficulty is currently the big thing in game development. Old school gamers get to go back to a format they are familiar with while the current generation of gamers get to try something new to them. The difficulty adds to replay value while providing a sense of satisfaction in your victory. Plus GTA taught us that beating virtual hookers never gets old. Now if the developers throw in some pixelated boobs I’ll really be able to have a gaming flashback worth my time! I’ll be looking forward to the release of Hotline Miami and occupying myself in the meantime by calling the actual hotline the developers set up on the game’s webpage.

– KamikazeQ

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