Hot babes killing monsters in The Grinder

The Grinder comes to PS3 and XBox 360

High Voltage Software, the folks that brought us one of the best Wii FPS – The Conduit, are hitting all three consoles with their next big game. You read right, The Grinder is no longer a Wii exclusive! That’s the good news. The bad news is it doesn’t come out until Halloween 2011.

There is very little information on The Grinder at this time but judging from the character designs it looks like two of the four playable characters will be sexy post apocalyptic babes. What’s better than scantily clad chicks killing zombies and other monsters? Nothing. Granted I would like to see a little less clothing on them I don’t know how practical that would be. The blondie on the left looks to have decent cleavage with her shirt slightly ripped down the front.  Hey, punk girl on the right – Tie those shoelaces!

The Grinder for Wii PS3 and XBox 360

Check out the IGN interview with the creators of The Grinder HERE

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