Hera And Ezra By Mister Multiverse

Hera And Ezra By Mister Multiverse

Ever since The Clone Wars popped up on Netflix Instant I’ve been in a HUGE Star Wars mood. The fact that I pretty much watched all of season two yesterday certainly doesn’t help matters.

And neither does this awesome pic of Hera Syndulla and Ezra Bridger from the upcoming Star Wars Rebels by Mister Multiverse.

I can’t wait for that show to start. At this rate I’ll be done with The Clone Wars way ahead of schedule so I should be able to watch Rebels when it airs this fall. Until then, lets keep our fingers crossed that we get more awesome Star Wars hentai like this from Mister Multiverse and other great artists.

Not Safe For Work ~ Hentai

– Geist01

Art by Mister Multiverse ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr

Star Wars Rebels Hentai

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