Help Venus Rise – FoxySoft launches its own crowdsourcing attempt

The last time I wrote about Venus Rising the game had just launched an Offbeatr campaign to try and meet its funding needs via crowd sourcing.

Unfortunately for the developer the title still has not passed the initial voting phase that Offbeatr enforces.

Determined to bring her dream to fruition; founder Alex Allen has launched a crowd sourcing campaign via the game’s official site using Paypal donation buttons. FoxySoft forum members were the first to be informed of this campaign so they could have early grabs at the donation rewards before they possibly sell out once the developer starts soliciting the offering via social media outlets.

The various reward levels offered give interesting insight into what FoxySoft has planned for the game. Early donators have the chance to own pristine virtual real estate to build their in-game homes and bath houses on for their wild virtual orgies. This is listed as the only way for players to acquire land around Rome while non-donators will be forced to wait until a future expansion that will allow them to purchase virtual space in other regions. In addition, supporters will be given access to the live game in development and a chance to directly affect the direction of the game before it ever becomes available to the general public.

Venus Rising is the “little engine that could” of porno gaming. FoxySoft seems determined to continue development with or without support but I’m sure anything fans can muster will go a long way. I recommend that anyone interested checkout either the new campaign or the preexisting Offbeatr page.

– KamikazeQ

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