Harvester Now Available on Steam

Harvester Now Available on Steam

The classic and bizarre PC point-and-click adventure game Harvester is now available on Steam.

The game is set in the town of Harvest where you play as Steve, who suddenly wakes up with a case of amnesia. In the game, you’ll meet the town’s crazy cast of characters. You eventually come across a cult known as the Order of the Harvest Moon who provide you with a series of violent and deceitful tasks to accomplish in order to become initiated. The game features enemies to kill and you can even choose to go on a murder spree.

Also for the promiscuous, you’ll come across some awkward sex scenes and various other weird sexual themes. Harvester is definitely a game to look at for all those adventure game fans and people who are into weird things and the occult.

You can check out this review of Harvester by Lazy Game Reviews to see some of the strange stuff you’ll encounter.

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