Harley Quinn Posing Nude by Loy

Harley Quinn Posing Nude by Loy

Like a lot of you, I’ve been a fan of Harley Quinn ever since she made her debut on the 1992 Batman: The Animated Series episode titled, “Joker’s Favor.” And, like a lot of you, I’ve been jerking off to her ever since.

I can’t even tell you how many pieces of Harley Quinn hentai I’ve seen to date – it has to be in the thousands – but, that being said, this drawing by Loy has to be one of the most adorable. Everything, from her pose to her facial expression, just screams “cute.” Yet, the drawing is also very erotic too. That’s a hard combo to pull off, but Loy does it with flying colors.

If you aren’t already following this incredibly talented artist on Hentai Foundry then you need to correct that mistake asap. She has a lot of hot pics in her portfolio for you all to drool over. Make sure you check it out once you’re doing staring at Harley Quinn’s nude body.

Not Safe For Work ~ Hentai

– Geist01 ~ Bio

Art by Loy ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt ~ Tumblr

DC Comics Hentai at NSFWGamer.com

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