Hands on with the Bayonetta Demo

Bayonetta topless

I just downloaded the Bayonetta demo for the PS3 and let me tell you – It’s all kinds of awesome!

From the start you can either check out the tutorial, where you get to learn Bayonetta’s moves, or play through a short level of the game titled “The Angel’s Metropolis”. I started with the tutorial to get a feel for how she handled. If you have any experience with Devil May Cry you won’t have a problem picking up and playing Bayonetta with relative ease.

At the start of the playable demo stage you get a cryptic back story about Bayonetta as she is riding on a train to The Angel’s Metropolis. It seems that there might be greater forces at work and a higher destiny for her. Once you arrive at your destination you are free to wander and destroy objects to plunder the Halo’s in them (the game’s version of currency). After taking in the sights and wondering for a bit you arrive in an open courtyard, Vigris – Central Station, and have your first encounter with The Angels. The juxtaposition of their beautiful and heavenly entrance into the battle followed by the extreme violence highlights the fact that you are not necessarily playing as one of the “good guys” in this game.

Bayonetta Big Boobs

Once the battle starts you have a ton of moves and combos in your arsenal. You can also switch between a sword and your guns on the fly, incorporating various moves into your combos, as well as picking up weapons dropped by defeated foes. The violence is fast and furious and truly a spectacle to behold. I recommend getting familiar with the Evade button as every successful evasion sends Bayonetta into “Witch-Time” where the enemies are slowed to a crawl while you can still move at normal speed.

After you dispatch the grunt angels you have to face off against an over-sized boss. He isn’t all that tough but a blast to fight none the less. The goal is to destroy the armor on his back to reveal his weak spot but on my first play through I just mashed the buttons, never concentrating my attacks on any one spot, and still managed to beat him. Once the boss angel is weak enough Bayonetta is given a chance to pull off a “Climax” move by pressing the punch and kick buttons at the same time. This is where the game really shines as Bayonetta’s hair comes to life as a giant dragon and tears the angel to pieces.

The demo goes on for a little bit longer but I will let you discover the rest for yourself. If this is any indication of the final product I can safely say that Bayonetta is shaping up to be something special. She controls excellently, the moves are over the top and the fan service is off the charts.

Bayonetta Nude

Now, I know what you are thinking, “That’s all well and good but I can read articles like this on IGN. What about the T&A?” Well, Bayonetta is hot to be sure and her hair-costume does come off when fighting but usually the camera is pulled so far back, and you’re concentrating on pulling off crazy combos, that you don’t really notice she’s naked. It isn’t until the “Climax” moves that you can sit back and enjoy her nudity for a few seconds but the whirlwind of hair covers up her lady parts. Is Bayonetta hot? Yes. Is the demo fun? Yes. Can you beat off to the in-game graphics? Probably not unless you have gone a couple of days without touching yourself (I did that once, I gave up jerking off for lent and 5 days in I was playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance and got so hot and bothered by Elektra that I had to go rub one out – not one of my proudest moments).

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