Gryphon Knight Epic by Kras

Gryphon Knight Epic by Kras

Talk about thinking outside of the box. The guys behind the 2D medieval shmup Gryphon Knight Epic commissioned hentai artist Kras to draw the game’s protagonist having a little orgy in order to spread the word about their Kickstarter campaign.

See, I always said hentai was a great advertising tool. More companies should embrace the love.

The funny thing is, Gryphon Knight Epic doesn’t really have any sexy characters in it to begin with – it’s no Dragon’s Crown, that’s for sure – but it does looks like a fun little shooter. If that’s your cup of tea then maybe think about checking out their Kickstarter campaign. It looks like there’s a couple weeks left to donate. If not, well, just enjoy the hentai lol.

[UPDATE – The developers of Gryphon Knight Epic informed me that they didn’t commission Kras to make the pic. He’s a friend of theirs and did it for free. That Kras, he’s a stand-up guy!]

Not Safe For Work ~ Hentai

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Art by Kras ~

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  1. Jahanpanah says:

    Meh! I want the gender of the characters to be reversed.