Gravity Rush – Zero-G + Catsuit = Win

Gravity Rush alternate costumes DLC

Gravity Rush was already on my radar due to the prospect of a cute anime girl with gravity based powers, but the new DLC announcement has got my pulse racing. The DLC will add new costumes (only 3 revealed so far) to tease and tantalize gamers with zero-g ass and boob jiggling as they play the accompanying story based missions.

Gravity Rush alternate costumes DLC

While the school girl look for Kat has that innocent appeal, the eroticism of the cat burglar costume alone will probably justify the cost of purchase. The warrior costume seems rather tame in comparison to other revealed outfits, yet early vidcaps has shown the in-game model to be more revealing than first glance implies.

I think the only way this DLC could get better if it also provides reskins for Kat’s sexy nemesis, Raven.

Gravity Rush Raven

With two costumes still to be revealed alongside the other promised weeks of DLC, Gravity Rush is looking to not only be the Vita’s killer app, but it’s sexiest one as well. Here’s hoping for a reveal of some even racier costumes in the near future.

– KamikazeQ

Photo courtesy of Siliconera

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