Girl Fight’s stars have all the right moves

Gal Fight

As a fighting game fanatic I look for three qualities in a game: detailed graphics, quality controls, and hot scantily clad females.

While the gameplay has yet to be revealed, the graphics and ladies of Girl Fight are enough to give the Dead or Alive girls a run for their money.

Gal Fight

Majesco is advertising Girl Fight as a full “girl on girl” fighting game experience with deep customization options. I can only hope that those options include the ability to adjust boob jiggle and more revealing outfits.

Due to the game being a download only title for XBLA and PSN, perhaps the developer will go a little further and give us gamers what we really want – full-on fighting game nudity. I look forward to finding out when it releases.


Gal Fight

Gal Fight

Gal Fight

Girl Fight Facebook

Pictures courtesy of IGN

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