Gear of War: Judgement E3 announcement trailer

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We thought the Gears of War series was over with the destruction of the Locusts and Lambents, but Epic Games is full of surprises this week.

With the announcement of Gears of War: Judgement, Epic has every intent on giving fans more of the COGs and more of the pulse-pounding Cole and his smart-ass partner in crime, Baird.

Judgement goes back in time to right after Emergence Day and tells the hidden story of Kilo squad. Epic has said that the focus will be on telling a story from each character’s perspective via monologues as opposed to cut-scenes. Being set at the beginning of the war with the Locust, expect to encounter huge armies of enemies instead of small detachments. The action is going to be more intense than ever due to a new random spawn system for the campaign to break up the monotony and ensure that no gaming session leaves you going through the motions.

The only multiplayer mode announced so far takes GoW to a whole new level. Are you ready for it….class based multiplayer with objectives!!!! The gameplay is going to be less like Battlefield and more like assault mode from Unreal Tournament, with each side alternating rounds between playing COGs and Locusts. More info is sure to come and with a 2013 release, the adventures of Kilo squad is just right around the corner.

– Kamikaze Q

Official announcement

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