Gamergasm – The Mortal Kombat that could have been

Vincent Proce Mortal Kombat character designs

I needed to take a break from Modern Warfare 2 last night and play something different. I decided to dust off Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe for the PS3 and go a few rounds with my favorite kombatants. It got me in such an MK mood that I began surfing the interwebs for anything I could find Mortal Kombat related and I came across these phenominal unused character designs that will unfortunately never see the light of day.

Vincent Proce is a video game artist and designer working out of Chicago. He is also the guy that designed and painted (most) of the story endings for each character in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. On his blog he posted these unused character designs for a re-imagining/reboot of the original Mortal Kombat that got canned in pre-production . How sad because I really dig the direction he was going with it.

Vincent Proce Mortal Kombat character designs Sonya Blade

Sonya, the daughter of a Texas Ranger who’s sex appeal weakens her opponents while her Special Forces training kicks their asses.

Judging by Vincent Proce’s concept pieces for Sonya Blade, Raiden, Kano, and Scorpion it looks like the MK Reboot was going to go in a whole new direction – More realistic but still retaining the king-fu mythos the series is known for. He says that the new game was supposed to incorporate modern multi-player and dismemberment game elements. Well that just makes my mind spin. How cool would it have been to have tag team matches with Sonya and Sub-Zero vs Kano and Scorpion? I have no idea what “dismemberment game elements” are but I’m sure they would have been bloody and violent.

Vincent Proce Mortal Kombat character designs - Raiden

Raiden as a god who’s feet rarely touch the ground.

Alas we will never know how cool the Mortal Kombat re-imagining could have been because it never made it out of the design phase. Of course there is still no word on the next game in the franchise other than they are in fact working on one. Seeing as how MK vs DCU didn’t sell like gangbusters or anything maybe now would be the prefect time to reboot the aging series but with Vincent Proce no longer working for the company the reboot wouldn’t look like these pics.

Vincent Proce Mortal Kombat character designs - Kano

Kano, half Japanese half US military bad ass.

I still can’t get over the awesome attention to detail that are in Vincent Proce’s character designs. I could literally stare at each one all day and come up with my own back stories for them based solely off of his artwork. Man, that’s the kind of shit that I love and that’s the reason I only play games that get me wrapped up in their mythology. Video games like God of War, Metal Gear, and Mortal Kombat (just to name a few) suck me into their universe and spark my imagination. Some people say that’s what it’s like to read a good book, well I wouldn’t know but that what it’s like to play a good game – I would tell them.

Vincent Proce Mortal Kombat character designs - Scorpion

Scorpion as a wraith wearing the yellow blood of the demon that helped him resurrected to exact his revenge against his mortal enemy.

Out of all the Vincent Proce re-imagined Mortal Kombat characters I think that Scorpion is visually the coolest. I dig his explination for why the specter ninja’s uniform is yellow (originally it was to mock Sub-Zero). Not to be over looked, Kano is particularly badass with his mixture of military and karate aesthetics. By default the hottest design goes to Sonya Blade but that shouldn’t minimize her sex appeal since this kombatant is literally wearing next to nothing. That would certainly distract me if I were fighting her thus allowing for a flawless victory and possibly a fatality on my perverted ass.

Vincent Proce mentions that he will complete the redesigned cast whenever he has the time and post them on his blog. I hope so because I would love to see what he does with Sub-Zero. I bet that shit would be awesome!

Click here to check out Vincent Proce’s blog

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