Game Theory Justifies SMITE’s Sexy Goddesses

Game Theory Justifies SMITE's Sexy Goddesses

The MOBA game SMITE recently caught some controversy from a number of Hindu leaders, mainly due to its portrayal of the gods Agni, Kali, and Vamana.

They were described as being too sexy and offensive to those of the devoted. Despite the game’s developer, Hi-Rez Studios, standing by their decision to present them as they had wanted to, they eventually redesigned Kali making her less revealing.

In the recent informative video from the show Game Theory by MatPat, he looks at the real-world depictions of these gods and how the sexy design choices in the game for them as well as for others is justifiable, including the original versions.

The lesson taught in the end by Game Theory is to celebrate women for who they are and for being different than men, and to treat every one, even female video game characters, like a goddess.

– Anonymous Tipster

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