Gal Gun out in Japan for PS3 with sexy DLC

Gal Gun PS3 DLC

The wacky dating sim/rail shooter Gal Gun – a game where the main character finds himself irresistible to all women and must shoot them with a pheromone gun until they are no longer aroused so he searches for his true love lest he dies forever alone – has finally come out in Japan for the PS3 after a year of exclusivity on the XBox360.

Aside from Move support the PS3 version also brings new DLC to the table. What kind of DLC? Find out after the jump!

Ok, I know all you Playstation 3 pervs have been waiting with baited breath for Gal Gun to come out in Japan so you can shoot chicks with “pheromones”…oh, you haven’t? I’m the only one? Ok well then this post is for me I guess.

The Ps3 DLC includes new costumes such as nurse uniforms, bunny outfits, swimsuits, and much more! As of right now I don’t know if the content is free or if you have to pay for it but if anyone is remotely interested check out these two videos below. – just try not to shoot your laptop with your own pheromone gun!

– Geist01

Photo courtesy of Destructoid

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