Fleshcult – A Crowdfunded Erotic RPG

Fleshcult - An Erotic RPG

There was a time when an interactive game equaled a text-based outing like Zork or Softporn Adventure (the inspiration for the original Leisure Suit Larry).

The intent with the text gaming medium was to give gamers the freedom to experiment with responses and use their imaginations to envision the story before them.

Fleshcult by Jack Oekaki can be seen as a modern homage to text-based storytelling in games but with a dark, sexy twist.

Not Safe For Work ~ Hentai

Fleshcult - An Erotic RPG

The premise behind Fleshcult is that you control a succubus or incubus that has just been unleashed unto the modern world after years of dormancy. You embark on a quest to build up your power by seducing minions and then using the mana you absorb to transform your body and unlock new actions and passive buffs. The transformation options include simple aspects such as new clothing and more fantastical fare to include the addition of tentacles, giant lactating tits with sedative properties, and even becoming a hermaphrodite.

Your targets have different personality traits that play into your attempt to seduce them. Doing so involves manipulating and managing three separate meters: a lust meter that increases as you push the target closer to an orgasm, a horror meter that represents the level of fright they have towards your intent, and finally a mana meter that allows you to cast spells to reduce the level of horror. As long as the horror meter does not overfill you are allowed to tease, tantalize, and fuck your prey into ecstasy until they either submit to your control or reject you in fear. If your seduction attempt fails you simply have to wait a turn or so until the target’s sexual desire returns and try your luck again. Once you successfully contract a new minion its back to your lair for a little micro management.

While the game seems simple at first it quickly turns into a Lovecraftian empire builder. As you collect minions you are required to assign them roles. Does she serve you as a concubine; generating mana for you via her orgasms or do you warp the minion’s form into a beastly dungeon guardian that can best be described as something that belongs in Japanese hentai. You can also choose to make the minion an apprentice that will serve to reduce the time it takes for the transformations of your concubines and beasts to complete. Some minions will have passive stats that make them more appropriate for certain roles such as a 200% increase in mana per orgasm if made a concubine or an increased reduction to the time it takes to apply transformations.

While upgrades to your form can result in new buffs or sexual actions that can be used in the seduction game; upgrades to your minions can increase the amount of mana they produce per orgasm or the amount of orgasms they have in a day. Your lair also gets in on the fun as new rooms such as milking pens can be added to increase the number of minions you can have and traps set to protect you from attackers. The game does have a running story that involves a baron trying to reclaim his possession from you by sending his followers to invade your domain. Your beasts will defend with the aid of any environmental traps you have set but if overpowered you can suffer casualties to your flock. Upgrades to your lair results in a daily mana upkeep cost that must be considered. In the end the game forces the player to manage resources, personnel, real estate, and your own desires.

Fleshcult - An Erotic RPG

In the preview build I played the story only went up to the 39th day for me with the assurance that more would come in time. In those 39 turns I had created a horned succubus that seduced her prey with her massive pierced tits and assortment of sex toys. My lair had been fully expanded to the current limits and stocked with various concubines, beasts and apprentices yet I still craved more. While the gameplay does get a bit repetitive the free-to-play nature, ease of access, and desire to manage resources was enough to keep me going. In the final release I hope to see a clear distinction between the upgrades I apply to myself and the way victims react to them. Would the otaku have favored a tentacled succubus and did the submissive sexpot enjoy the anal sex I forced upon her?

Fleshcult has the distinction of being one of the few non-furry projects to be successfully funded on Offbeatr. The developer has insisted that all funds will go to keeping the game free and hiring writers and artists to expand on the current material. The story and your actions are detailed via flavor text that while not on the same caliber as a trashy romance novel; is shades of grey above some hentai fanfics I have read online. In its current form I feel the game offers a unique online experience that stands apart from other online porno games and should be checked out.

– KamikazeQ

Official Site – www.fleshcult.com
Offbeatr Page – www.offbeatr.com/project/fleshcult-43773656982

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