Final Fantasy Versus XIII Now Just FF XV

Final Fantasy Versus 13 Now Just 15

Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been in development hell for almost seven years. Since its announcement all we’ve seen are a few trailers and heard some sketchy rumors. Combined that with Square Enix’s financial problems and the chances of the game getting released weren’t looking all that great.

But a new console generation seems to have invigorated Square Enix and during the Sony press conference they re-announced Versus XIII and have decided to just remake it into Final Fantasy XV.

And damn is it stunning. The trailer itself is very cheeky, stating that times are changing and Final Fantasy XV looks to shake things up even more than XIII. Instead keeping itself in both boats of turn based and action gameplay, Final Fantasy XV is jumping head first into an action spectacle.

ATB bars are gone, flat levels are out, and in it’s place you’ll be fighting in real time and traversing vertigo inducing levels with teleports.

For me, Final Fantasy XV was definitely one of high points of Sony’s press conference and I feel my words aren’t doing it justice so check out the trailer right here.

– Sullivan O. Bradley

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