Far Cry 3 E3 gameplay video

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When Ubisoft announced Far Cry 3 last year they showed a guy named Jason getting tortured by crazy people on a tropical island.

This year, Ubisoft gave us more info on the game and showed Jason leading a revolution against said crazy people.

Watch the 10 minute gameplay demo video after the jump.

The video starts with the player doing all the normal stuff you expect to find in a Far Cry game – swimming, sneaking through the jungle, and killing people stealthily with a bow and arrow. It’s all fairly typical until the player makes his way into a shanty shack and the game gets very trippy – Think ‘Silent Hill’ style madness combined with intense gun fights and attacking tigers!

The best part: it’s all preceded by a lovely topless girl in tribal paint. My interest was piqued before, but now I can’t wait.

– Sullivan O. Bradley

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