ESRB Reveals Nudity in Resident Evil 6

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The Resident Evil series has always been recognized for it’s portrayal of violence and gore. You just can’t have a good zombie game without a little of the red stuff! The series has thankfully never tried to tone it down and kept the blood flowing within a reasonable level.

Recently a new ESRB rating revealed that Resident Evil 6 will be the first in the series to depict nudity. Could the series be taking a bold new step or is the ESRB overreacting a little?

The ESRB rating described a scene in the upcoming game where a mutated female resembling a spider challenges the player to a boss battle in the buff. The boss is described as having a female form without any definition of genitalia; with an attack that involves her mounting the player and caressing her nipple-less breasts.

Anyone that has played through Resident Evil Code: Veronica or the matching segments of RE: Darkside Chronicles should not be impressed. As a teen I will admit that when Alexia Ashford first used her powers to burn away her skin and clothes to reveal her new mutated form, I got a little turned on. That was back when just the flash of anything boob-like was enough to get my motor running. My older adult self meets this new announcement with a “meh”.

Alexia Ashford from Resident Evil Code: Veronica
NSFW Gamer

Nudity, sex, and adult content in general is what NSFW Gamer is all about, but this little tidbit that Capcom is feeding us just doesn’t cut it. When series like God of War are giving us sex mini-games with naked slave girls, it’s kind of hard to be impressed by a nipple-less boob announcement. I think the ESRB is focusing their rating mainly on the sexual gestures, but I’ve seen victory poses in some of the current generation fighting games that are more explicit.

Nudity is a natural occurrence and the portrayal of such in games has matured over the years to where it’s not just being used as a gimmick to sell more copies. Capcom adding nudity to the Resident Evil series could be seen as an attempt to bring a little realism to the series. I mean it’s kind of foolish to imagine that everyone that turns during the zombie apocalypse is going to be fully clothed when they get infected.

– KamikazeQ

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One Response to “ESRB Reveals Nudity in Resident Evil 6”

  1. thatguy says:

    meh is right.
    well nudity doesn’t have to be in every m rated game.