Dragon’s Crown – Will this Buxom RPG make it’s long awaited debut?

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Dragon’s Crown has all the makings of a hit game.

The artwork is drawn by Japanese development studio Vanillaware, which was responsible for the beautiful ladies of Muramasa: The Demon Blade, and the female leads reflect that in their sexy and buxom design. The gameplay harkens back to the days of 2D side-scrolling beat-em ups with a little bit of Dark Souls style difficulty thrown in for good measure.

RPG fans will rejoice not only at the loot finding elements but the progressive character growth as well as the freedom attached to multiple solutions for every encounter.

Dragon's Crown Sorceress

Sure you can cut a swath through that army of goblins, splattering their blood among your allies, or you could just as easily lead that army back to the beginning of the level and push them right off that scenic cliff you passed on your way in. The development team has even managed to add a bit of ingenuity via the ability to resurrect deceased characters as helpful NPCs, and yes I do plan on acquiring an NPC harem of the Sorceress the first chance I get. Dragon’s Crown may be the ultimate 2D game but it’s pending release has never been more in question than now.

Dragon's Crown Elf

Game Creator/Director George Kamitani planned to release Dragon’s Crown on the Dreamcast originally but the development cycle of the game exceeded the lifespan of Sega’s last console attempt. This week fans believed that the anticipated game would never see the light of day when Amazon.com started contacting customers and canceling their preorders. The game’s staff has been quick to come out and reassure fans that a Spring 2012 release is still in the works.

Dragon's Crown Amazon

So far everything I have seen or read about this game just screams quality and a true labor of love. While most developers are content with pumping out clones of previous releases, Vanillaware and Ignition Entertainment are trying to revive a beloved genre in a manner to welcome back veteran gamers while still entertaining the current generation. I could see myself entranced for hours at the sight and movements of the Sorceress and Amazon alone. Hopefully Dragon Crown will meet it’s Spring release window without fail. If Duke Nukem Forever could finally see the light of day, I’m convinced that anything is possible when the fan support is there.

– KamikazeQ

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