Dragon’s Crown Box Art Is Very Tame

Dragon's Crown Box Art Is Very Tame

Yesterday Atlus and Vanillaware released the official Japanese box art for their upcoming fantasy brawler Dragon’s Crown.

It’s a bit tame considering all the controversy that is currently surrounding the game’s Sorceress character and her huge boobs. Personally, I could care less about a game’s cover, but it’s so jarringly uninspired that I can’t help but cringe.

Still, I’ve been a fan of Vanillaware since Odin Sphere and I’m happy to see them getting so much press lately, even if it isn’t the kind they probably hopped for. You know what they say though, “There is no such thing as bad publicity.”

Check out the full cover image after the jump and the latest gameplay trailer featuring the Wizard.

– Geist01

Dragon's Crown Japanese Box Art

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One Response to “Dragon’s Crown Box Art Is Very Tame”

  1. CnCBoy says:

    Clearly not the best profile for the sorceress.