Diablo 3 female character designs could be hotter

Diablo 3 female character designs featured

Back in the PS2 day my cousin was watching me play Champions of Norrath Return to Arms and asked me, “Why are you playing as a female character?” My response was, “Because she has big boobs.” Awesome character designs can sometimes set a game apart from the crowd  so it hurts my penis to see such average looking character classes in Diablo 3. I need bigger boobs man!

“Dungeon crawlers” are one of my favorite video game genres and Diablo 2 is in the upper echelon of my top five favorite games of all time along with Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, God of War 1 and Resident Evil 4. These games all have one thing in common – I replayed them immediately after beating them the first time. If I had to pick a sixth game it would have to be Champions of Norrath: Return to Arms for the PS2. Aside from the genre what really made CoN: RtA stand out for me was their sexy character designs. Jesus, do you remember the size of the female wizard’s knockers? They were huge!

Champions of Norrath Return to Arms Female Wizard

What went wrong with the Diablo 3 playable character designs? Talk about average and boring. Is it too much to ask for a little more skin and maybe some bigger titties? The female monk looks like a boy for crying out loud. I get that Blizzard is going for a more “realistic” look but come on where’s the fun in that? At least the female barbarian has the whole Red Sonja thing going on but she is a tad too beefy for my tastes.

Diablo 3 Female Monk

Diablo 3 Female Wizard

Diablo 3 Female Barbarian

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