Dat Moment – Cia from Hyrule Warriors

Dat Moment - Cia from Hyrule Warriors

In the latest episode of Dat Moment, Shades takes a look at Cia’s reveal in Hyrule Warriors. Is it everything he hopped it would be? Check out the short video below to find out!

You can watch this episode and all the other Dat Game videos on the official NSFW Gamer YouTube Chanel. Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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One Response to “Dat Moment – Cia from Hyrule Warriors”

  1. Bloodfart says:

    Played it on my bro’s Wii-U. And yeah naturally I maxed Cia’s level. There is good to be had. My major major gripe with the title is the lack of voice acting. Which I squarely blame Nintendo for. I guarantee they are responsible for the coos and caws versus actual voice acting. Cause they actually do have voice acting in the normal warrior titles. And Nintendo has a knack for holding shit back.

    But yeah on point she’s a definite hottie.