“Dat Game Shorts – Shantae” by EVM Productions

"Dat Game Shorts: Shantae" by EVM Productions

Uh oh, it looks like Shades is still stuck in the body of a hot chick, but you know what they say – The show must go on!

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about watch the Dat Game – BoneCraft video)

In this episode of Dat Game Shorts, Rule 63 Shades reviews the awesome platformer Shantae by WayForward for the Gameboy Color. If you like what you see then make sure you check out Shantae’s Girl of the Week feature after you watch the video. Hentai and humor FTW!

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– Geist01

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2 Responses to ““Dat Game Shorts – Shantae” by EVM Productions”

  1. yaz says:

    aaah…i wish i had the chance to play her games…one of my friends had suggest i cosplay as her…i might consider it ^_^

  2. LGS says:

    I think Shantae looks kinda like a shorter, skinnier, flatter Mai (from SNK), but is chocolate-skinned and purple-haired. “Shantae Shiranui”!