“Dat Game – Sexy Beach Zero” By EVM Productions

Dat Game - Sexy Beach Zero

Finally, a game that matches the cover art! Japanese PC game Sexy Beach Zero puts the “sex” back in “beach”…wait, that’s not right…

Anyways, fans of adult games are definitely gonna want to check out Shade’s video review to see just how hot Sexy Beach Zero really is (Spoiler alert: it’s pretty hot). Even if you don’t plan on picking up the game you should check out the video just for the humor. Ross, I mean Shades, cracked me up in this one. I hope you guys dig it!

Not Safe For Work

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– Geist01

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One Response to ““Dat Game – Sexy Beach Zero” By EVM Productions”

  1. slur says:

    Haha great review, good to see you back.