Dat 5 – Gaming Booty by EVM Productions

Dat 5 - Gaming Booty

Shadette joins the battle!!!

Now a part of Shady Corner, she brings you an all new list show where we break down the hottest things in video games- Dat 5!

This week Shadette takes a look at the Top 5 booties in gaming! Trust me, she has a keen eye for this sort of thing.

– Shades

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2 Responses to “Dat 5 – Gaming Booty by EVM Productions”

  1. Trevor says:

    Hello?! Aren’t we missing the Alexis Texas of videogames in that list?


  2. Bloodfart says:

    I’ve seen other top buns of gaming lasses. And I’m always shocked that IVY – Isabella Valentine isn’t on the majority of them. Guess people missed the whole soul series, cause Ivy has an epic rump, complete with jiggle. Yeah other girls might have rumps, but Ivy’s jiggles folks. She’d top my list for that alone.

    Orchid would be on there too.

    I think Vanessa from P.N.03 was the best on their list. In my opinion.

    But yeah top lists are always just that an opinion.

    Samus Aran though… nah. Her body is very basic. Not robust in any way shape or form. ‘Cept her perfectly formed, gorgeously styled hair. There ya go, she could be at the top of gaming girl’s best hair list.

    I’m not ranting here, just stating my opinions on thee matter.