Dancing Leia is kinda hot in Kinect Star Wars

…but I don’t think I will be getting the game and it’s not because of the bad reviews or the haters saying that this too is killing their childhood (when did Star Wars fans become so uptight? Oh right, Episode 1). No, I won’t be purchasing it mainly because I don’t have room in my tiny apartment for the motion sensors to work properly.

Trust me, there is nothing in the world I want to do more than play Kinect Stars Wars. If only to drool over Princess Leia in her slave outfit shaking her booty while I pretend to be Jabba The Hutt cheering. That scenario made possible only if someone else was dancing whilst I lounged on the couch eating chips.

Watch the video after the jump.

Ok, I lied. The real reason I want to play Kinect Star Wars is because of this…

Kinect Star Wars Dancing Fett

– Geist01

Dancing Boba Fett GIF courtesy of Kotaku

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