Custom Maid 3D With Sextoy For The Oculus Rift

Custom Maid 3D With Sextoy For The Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift is getting another sex-based game, but this time with a little wrinkle of fun.

Custom Maid 3D just became supported by the aforementioned virtual reality console where the player creates and customizes maids to have sex with. Yep, it’s Weird Science where Kelly Lebrock isn’t a lippy, take-charge kinda gal and you don’t need to wear a bra on your head, unless of course you want to. I don’t judge.

Not Safe For Work

What’s new and different about this game though is that you use the Ju-C Air Support controller to play it. What is that you ask? The interactive fleshlight of the future. You just slide yourself on in and the game responds to your movements, including speed and even depth. The outside of the controller even has an analog stick and buttons so you can stroke to your little hearts content without the need of ever stopping. All the promises of sex machines from when I was a kid are finally cumming to pass. Sweet pun huh?

Anyone that already read here about Wicked Paradise, know this isn’t the first sex game announced for the Oculus Rift, but it will be the first one to actually get released.  Custom Maid 3D has been out, along with the peripheral, in Japan since February.  The reason we’re reporting this now is because a beta patch has just been released by developers, making it officially Occulus Rift-supported.  Which makes getting lucky for anyone owning an Occulus Rift that much easier.

– David Chaney

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