Crowdfunding Spotlight – The Chainsaw Incident

Crowdfunding Spotlight – The Chainsaw Incident

Back in late January I showed you guys a video for The Chainsaw Incident, a beautiful hand-drawn 2D fighting game, and mentioned in the article that the game’s developers were gearing up for a big push on Kickstarter. Well ladies and gentlemen, that time has come.

I may not play a lot of fighting games these days, but I am very excited for The Chainsaw Incident. I absolutely love the art style of the game, and the card system sounds like it might be fun (it works for the Injustice iOS game, why not here too?). Plus, the dev team is based out of Baltimore, MD so I gotta give my hometown homies some love. I’ll be backing The Chainsaw Incident for sure and I hope some of you guys do too.

Check out some videos below and make sure you visit their Kickstarter page for more info and pledge rewards

– Corey Stevenson aka “Geist01″ ~ Bio

The Chainsaw Incident by ORiGO Games ~ Website ~ Kickstarter

– The maniacal members of the The Chainsaw Incident’s cast serve as our salute to the horror stories, movies, and heavy metal that we all love. Through them, we want to provide a sense of discovery for those that unearth their actual meaning while also mixing in a romanticized retro feel to the roster.

– We will include ALL 14 currently revealed characters in the game, but we’re relying on The Chainsaw Incident community to decide which additional characters make it to the beta launch.

– Based on our milestones, we hope to launch the beta with all of the characters ready to rock, so let’s work together to unlock them all and make this an amazing fighting game experience!

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