Crimson Viper by Ultrafem

Crimson Viper by Ultrafem

Lisa Hayes (aka Ultrafem) is known for doing one thing really well and that’s drawing video game girls with huge tits.

Ok, she’s actually known for two things, the other one being that she likes to draw shemale hentai, but I liked the way the first sentence sounded better so we’ll just gloss over that fact.

Anyways, as you can see by this pic of Crimson Viper, Ultrafem likes her heroines a bit top heavy. I’m cool with that. I mean, who doesn’t love big boobs? I’m not sure how Crimson Viper can fight with those things, but more power to her. At least she could use them to distract her male opponents. I know I wouldn’t be able to concentrate if I were fighting someone with knockers that big.

If you like your comic book and video games with big milky breasteses then Ultrafem is for you (if you happen to like them with big cocks as well as big boobs then she’s your girl too).

Not Safe For Work ~ Hentai

– Geist01

Art by Lisa M. Hayes aka Ultrafem ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr ~ Blogspot

Street Fighter Hentai

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