Criminal Girls – Odd new RPG by Nippon Ichi coming soon

The cast of Criminal Girls

Nippon Ichi games are known for their colorful characters and hardcore level grinding so I doubt Criminal Girls will differ from the tried and true formula. But what is this new PSP game that features scantily clad anime girls in prison uniforms all about?

Find out after the jump.

In Criminal Girls by Nippon Ichi (the studio that brought you Disgaea) you have to lead a group of girls out of hell and back to the land of the living. Each girl represents a certain sin that they have¬†committed¬†thus have to repent for. That’s all well and good but the game mechanic I am most interested in is the spankings and massages that you have to perform on your quest to help these young ladies. Thank you Japan – I love you so much.

So far Nippon Ichi has released only three characters; Kisaragi’s sin is Greed, Arisu has commited Heresy (I guess), and Tomoe is guilty of Lust (you go to Hell for that?!?!?!?). You can read more about the game and each of these characters at AndriaSang.

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