Cosplay Fans by ShooterM

Cosplay Fans by ShooterM

Holy shit, this is pretty fucking epic.

I’m really surprised it’s taken this long for someone to make Jessica Nigri hentai. Maybe there’s more out there and I just haven’t seen it, but if this starts a trend then consider me on board.

I’m sure Jessica won’t be too thrilled to see this, but this is what happens when you become a celebrity (big or small), especially if you are a hot chick. Every dude in the world that likes cosplay wants to see her naked and now they sorta can.

Not Safe For Work ~ Hentai

I’m definitely going to be keeping my eye on ShooterM to see what he does next. I think he can really make a name for himself if he keeps drawing famous cosplayers nude. That’s an untapped niche in the hentai world. Godspeed my friend.

– Geist01

Art by ShooterM ~ Hentai Foundry

Jessica Nigri Porn

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One Response to “Cosplay Fans by ShooterM”

  1. lordredek says:

    Ah yes a prime example of why cosplay fucks with me. And not in the good way.