Cortana’s new look revealed in Game Informer

Cortana's new look revealed on GameInformer cover

With 343 Industries taking over development duties for Halo 4 there’s bound to be changes.

The latest reveal is none other than the buxom blue byte-sized beauty Cortana.

Check out her new look.

Cortana's new look revealed on GameInformer cover

Microsoft and 343 Industries have been slowly teasing us with Halo 4 info since the big reveal last E3. Since Cortana and an imposing Spartan figure grace the cover of May’s issue of Game Informer it’s safe to assume we’ll get some more info there.

Halo: Reach was a big graphical improvement over Halo 3 and I hope Halo 4 will continue the progression. Who knows what awesome graphical improvements will be achieved by endowing their game engine with new technology. Added polygons to make assets more defined and curved surfaces look more supple. Higher quality textures to emphasize fullness and volume. Maybe even an addition of advanced physics systems for swaying objects. I’m talking about breasts.

But yes, judging from the artwork Cortana looks as good as ever and we’ll probably see more of her in Halo 4 than we did in Halo: Reach.

– Sullivan O. Bradley

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