Code of Princess Feautures 50+ Playable Characters

Code of Princess Feautures 50+ Playable Characters

I am definitely looking forward to Code of Princess by Atlus but I don’t think it will be a day-one purchase, even with the artbook and CD.

That’s not a knock on the game or anything, it looks really cool – beautiful animation, 50+ playable characters, co-op, busty blonde princesses – I just don’t know when I’ll have the time to sit down and play it. Wallet Apocalypse is almost upon us and there are just too many games coming out in the next couple of months.

Still, the new Code of Princess trailer does get me excited for its release next week on October 9th. Hmmmm Maybe I can put off a game or two, Resident Evil 6 doesn’t seem to be getting great reviews…

No…must…not…back peddle…must…stay the course…

Damn you, Atlus! Damn you for tempting me. You know my 3DS needs a new game and you know I love half naked video game chicks. Sigh…ok, I’ll probably get Code of Princess next week.

(Watch the new trailer after the jump)

– Geist01

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