“Co-Op!” by EVM Productions

"Co-Op!" by EVM Productions

As any gamer with a girlfriend knows, it’s not easy getting your significant other to play video games with you. Sometimes it takes a lot of convincing and promises to watch shitty chick flicks at a later date (I speak from experience).

In the latest skit by EVM Productions, Ross tries to convince his main squeeze to play Borderlands co-op with him, but doesn’t like the side effects that come with it. I know his pain all too well.

Not Safe For Work ~ Humor

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– Geist01

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One Response to ““Co-Op!” by EVM Productions”

  1. DevilSugar says:

    That was too funny. My girl isn’t even that good with the analog sticks, so trying to co-op Borderlands was a nightmare, lol. I hope the move gets picked up unanimously by next-gen, she can rock a shooter when she’s got a lightgun!