Check Out These Funny Vids By EVM Productions

Right before I went on vacation, Ross from EVM Productions hit me up asking if I would check out his videos and if I could feature them on NSFW Gamer.

I figured I’d watch one or two of them while I was eating my lunch. What’s the worst that could happen?

I literally almost choked on my food from laughing at the first video.

Fucking Ross and his goddamn comedic timing…

So here’s the scoop: These crazy cats are based out of Australia and are trying to make a splash online. I think they have a lot of potential for comedy greatness, especially in the video game realm, they just need some exposure.

That’s where you guys come in. Check out the videos below, and if you like what you see post that shiz on Facebook. Spread the word, lets put EVM Productions on the map because I want to see these funny fucks succeed!

– Geist01

EVM Productions ~ ~ Facebook ~ YouTube

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2 Responses to “Check Out These Funny Vids By EVM Productions”

  1. Jack says:

    Those videos were hilarious especially the Game Girl one, although I expected Rosco to stick that cartridge somewhere else.

    Speaking of Hilarious Gaming videos have you seen some of ScreenTeamShow Videos?

    The Mass Effect one:

    Or the Pokemon-Party Rock Parody Not as innocent as you think 😉

  2. […] may recall I posted a few of their videos back in August and told you guys to check them out but for those that don’t here’s the break down: Ross and the talented folks at EVM […]