Check Out The Killer Is Dead Launch Trailer

Check Out The Killer Is Dead Launch Trailer

Killer Is Dead will be hitting US stores on August 27th so you know what time it is.

That’s right, it’s launch trailer time!

As if the 8 minute video wasn’t enough, there’s also a bit of good news at the end. Apparently Juliet Starling of Lollipop Chainsaw will be making an appearance in Killer is Dead, which isn’t too much of a shocker since both games were created by Suda 51. I’m not sure how she’ll tie into the game, but I’m definitely looking forward to finding out at the end of the month.

Watch the 8 minute Killer is Dead launch trailer after the jump.

– Corey Stevenson aka “Geist01”

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  1. DevilSugar says:

    Shiiiit! Why do game companies hate my wallet so much?