Check Out The B.Orchid Trailer For Killer Instinct

Check Out The B.Orchid Trailer For Killer Instinct

Finally! Double Helix has released the B.Orchid trailer for the upcoming Killer Instinct Xbox One exclusive. I was really looking forward to this.

Even though I’m never going to play the new Killer Instinct I always thought B.Orchid was hot and I was looking forward to seeing her in all her next-gen glory. I dig the new look she has, but I still don’t think it’s as hot as the original. Hopefully they’ll make her older costume unlockable or something. Still, I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot of hentai based on the new B.Orchid’s in the upcoming months.

– Corey Stevenson aka “Geist01”

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3 Responses to “Check Out The B.Orchid Trailer For Killer Instinct”

  1. Bloodfart says:

    Though I agree, she’s not quite sex in high heels. I’m still not too off put by her, for a few reasons. One she’s a girl, with a girl body, she’s got hips and a bum bum. Silly to say but, sometimes fems in fighters don’t always look like fems. Personally I would’ve went for a painted on outfit complete with a thong. And the goggles still bug me.

    But they have stated if you go balls in and buy the premo package, you get classic outfits for the characters, as well as the original arcade KI. Which is pretty slick, cause the arcade KI’s were waaaay better then their console counterparts.

    I’ll at least download Orchid and see if it’s worth it. If it ain’t… ah wells. Time will tell though. And sadly they may go for her original KI outfit… I want the KI 2… cause it was sex in high heels.

  2. DevilSugar says:

    She looks like a hard-zoning badass. I’m wondering if this is an ongoing pattern, with the next character teased at the end. Hi Spinal!

  3. yaz says:

    its nice to finally see orchid in action <3…it sucks that ki is only going to be on xbox…hopefully one of my friends get it so i can play lol…i use to love playing it at the arcade ^_^