Chasing the Crown – Atlus takes over publishing duties for Dragon’s Crown

Chasing the Crown

Dragon’s Crown may still be vaporware, but Atlus is determined to give gamers some signs of hope.

It was recently announced that Atlus has taken over publishing duties for the highly anticipated title with the added bonus of devoting in-house manpower to the game’s development.

Sadly nothing comes without a price. Aram Jabbari, Atlus’s Manager of Public Relations and Sales, posted on the Playstation Blog that continued development of Dragon’s Crown would push the release back to 2013 and require a higher selling price point.

Dragon's Crown

It’s great that a fan favorite publisher like Atlus has gotten involved in the release of this highly anticipated game. Atlus’s intervention reassures me that the game will see release, but I’m forced to wonder if Dragon’s Crown can live up to the hype worn away by the passage of time. Games such as the original Fable and Duke Nukem Forever missed their original release window by years and did not live up the the lofty ideals that the fans had held afloat nor delivered on all promises made. With Vanillaware still at the helm, fan power alone will sell copies. Whether the game is a hit or miss upon release, it has resulted in a treasure trove of fan art to be drooled over.

– KamikazeQ

Dragon's Crown Sorceress
Sorceress by Sterna

Dragon's Crown
Amazon by Gochou

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