Blades of Time in hand – Review coming soon!

Baldes of Time in hand

Blades of Time made waves this week on the interwebs when Konami unceremoniously “released” it.

It became apparent that things were going wrong for Blades of Time when various retailers posted different release dates for the game, and the game’s outspoken creator Tak Fujii posted on his Twitter feed that he couldn’t find a copy in San Francisco.

Jim Sterling at Destructoid took it upon himself to become the people’s champion for Blades of Time with constant updates on the popular gaming site illustrating just how bad Konami dropped the ball.

At the time of this post there are no reviews for the game on since Konami didn’t feel the need to send out any copies to reviewers. However, Amazon does in fact have it in stock and I ordered a copy. As you can see in the pic below I have it and will start playing it today in hopes of having a review up by tomorrow or Monday. Hopefully it was worth paying the extra money to have it sent overnight!

– Geist01

Baldes of Time in hand

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