Bioshock 2’s Big Sister might be a hotty

Bioshock 2 Big Sister NSFW Gamer

If your ideal woman is strong, nimble, doesn’t talk much, and is able to withstand the crushing depths of the oceanic abyss than I have just the chick for you. Bioshock 2’s Big Sister! Just make sure you stock up on plasmids before you go on your first date… and by “plasmids” I mean “condoms”…… and by “condoms” I mean “don’t fucking do it man!”

Unless you live under a rock (or on the ocean floor) I am sure you know that Bioshock 2 came out today and it’s getting damn good reviews. I am also fairly certain you know that in Bioshock 2 you play as the first Big Daddy “Delta”. But did you know that, your nemesis, the Big Sister is also a chick that you may want to bone?

Bioshock 2 Big Daddy Delta fucking Big Sister

I bet you never thought you would see Bioshock porn did you? Yea, neither did I but there it is. Now none of us can un-see it.

I bet it does peak your interest though and now you find yourself thinking the same thing I am thinking – ┬áIs the Big Sister a babe under all that angst and armor? Do you, as Delta the first Big Daddy, get to stick your frankenstein cock inside her? Did Geist01 just write this article as a shameless cash-in on all the “Bioshock 2” key words? Last question aside, I don’t have the answers but I sure as hell want to find out!

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